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How to Scan an Item

When Scanning an Item, the Barcode Must Be Facing Down Towards the Scales.
1. Scan the Item With the Barcode Facing Down Across the Scales. The Scales Will Make a Beep Sound and Display the Item on the Screen. (Highlighted Red)

2. if an Item Is Scanned and the Following Error Message Shows, This Means That the Item Which Was Scanned Is Not Entered Into the System. (See Below)

3. Press Yes to Print Out a Ticket. (See Above Highlighted Red)
Note: This Should Be Given to the Supervisor / Cashier Supervisor Asap to Be Entered Into the System.

4. You Will Need a Price Check on This Item and the Item Will Need to Be Entered in Manually by Doing a Department Sale. (See How to Do a Department Sale Instructions)

 Working With Items