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How to Do a Return / Refund

This Function Can Be Limited So That a Supervisor Has to Authorise a Returned Item.
1. On the Main Menu, Click on the More Button (if Available). (Highlighted Red)

2. Select the Return Button. (Highlighted Red)

3. on the Bottom Left Corner the Next Credit Icon Will Show. (Highlighted Red) This Means the Next Item Scanned or Found and Weighed Will Be Refunded.

4. Scan the Item to Be Returned. The Item Will Show as Normal in the Customer List but the Item Will Have a Minus Next to the Price. (Highlighted Red)

5. Click on the Subtotal Button. (Highlighted Red)

6. Select Cash Refund. (Highlighted Oragne)

7. the Cash Drawer Will Open, a Receipt Will Be Printed and the Screen Will Display the Change to Be Given.

 Pricing And Returns