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How to Do a Department Sale

A Department Sale Allows You to Do a Sale on an Item Where
• the Barcode Maybe Damaged and the Scanner Cannot Read It (Price Check May Be Required)
• the Item Doesn’t Exist in the System
• the Item Doesn’t Have a Barcode When It Should
• the Item Has a Reduced Sticker Over the Barcode

1. on the Main Menu Screen, Click on the More Button (if Available) (Highlighted Red)

2. Select the Department Button. (Highlighted Red)

3. Select Which Department the Item Belongs Too. E.g. Bakery (Highlighted Red)

4. Enter in the Amount (Highlighted Red) of the Item Using the Keypad and Press Ok. (Highlighted Orange)

5. the Item Will Then Appear in the Customer’s Sales List Under the Department Name With the Price. (Highlighted Red)

 Working With Sales