Knowledge Base (General)

Merlin POS


How to run a Cashier Report and a Station (Till) Report.

  1. How to Run a Cashier Report
  2. How to Run a Station (Till) Report

Working with Accounts

How to Make an Account Payment, Cancel an Account Payment and complete an Account Refund / Return.

  1. How to Make an Account Payment
  2. How to Cancel an Account Payment
  3. How to Do an Account Return / Refund
  4. Customer Discount Contracts

Working with Sales

How to do a Department Sale, Finalise a Sale, Cancel a Sale, Correct an Incorrect Payment Type, Reprint a Reciept, Hold a Sale and Process a Held Sale.

  1. How to Do a Department Sale
  2. How to Finalize a Sale
  3. How to Cancel a Sale
  4. How to Correct an Incorrect Payment Type
  5. How to Reprint a Reciept
  6. How to Hold a Sale
  7. How to Process a Held Sale

Working with Special/Promotions

Working with Specials and Promotions. Including manually adding a Special/Promotion.

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